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Jo BlakerPRIME Profile - Jo Blaker

Jo has nearly 30 years’ experience of a wide variety of nursing, having worked in A+E, General Practice, Police Custody, and currently working in palliative care and repatriation nursing. This has given her a good all round experience of both acute and chronic patient care. She has always preferred to remain a clinical hands-on nurse with direct patient contact as this is what she enjoys the most.

Jo has been involved with PRIME for approximately 10 years, becoming a tutor five years ago.

Her area of interest within PRIME is teaching Whole Person Medicine to prisoners and prison officers in Uganda, alongside CHALAPI (Centre for Hope and Life in and after Prison Initiative, Uganda, see In the last two years with CHALAPI she has run training courses for over 150 village health workers, pastors, community leaders and teachers. She visits Uganda yearly and teaching PRIME-based whole person care has now become a major part of these visits.

Jo became a member of the PRIME Management Team in July 2020 with a view to representing nurses and other allied healthcare professionals and to supporting a more multi professional dimension to the Whole Person Healthcare that PRIME represents.