Partnerships in International Medical Education

Pastoral Care

We are aware that some of the sessions may produce uncomfortable feelings in some delegates. We have a Pastoral Care Team of both female and male volunteers who are available for you to chat with informally at coffee breaks or at meal times. The badges of the Pastoral Care Team members have a GREEN background instead of white to help you identify them.

If you would prefer a more formal chat with privacy, then a room can be available 2pm to 3pm on Friday afternoon (enough time for two 30-minute slots). These slots are on a first come, first served basis through the Pastoral Care Team member you are chatting to who will liaise with Dr Dave Crick about availability.

You can also chat more informally during the walk on Saturday afternoon or more formally in private, as a room can be available for 30-minute slots between 2pm to 4.30pm (during the free time, if you are not going on the planned walk).

The Pastoral Care Team member will be of the same gender as you.

All conversations are confidential unless an issue of safeguarding arises.