Partnerships in International Medical Education

How PRIME operates

A patient consultation in NepalIf a doctor or nurse from the UK goes to work in another country, he or she may see a few hundred patients during a two week visit, or may offer advice on how a modern medical department is run. We recognise that this type of work does have a valid impact but it may not be sustainable after the individual or team returns home.

Instead we teach local doctors, students, nurses and  others to be good compassionate professionals with up to date clinical skills. We believe this approach leads to improved patient care to all the 100,000 patients that each individual will potentially see during their medical career.

PRIME seeks to deliver training that is relevant, practical and immediate

In many of the countries where PRIME works we have gone one further and we hope it will lead to an even more profound effect. We are teaching the teachers. In this way we can affect not just the care provided by our students but the compassion, excellent clinical skills and genuine care central to all PRIME teaching can be cascaded throughout the medical system in every country.

PRIME seeks to deliver training that is sustainable

PRIME works with local partners on the ground to ensure that all teaching provided is relevant, culturally appropriate and reflects the healthcare situation in that area.

PRIME seeks to deliver training that makes a real and lasting impact in people’s lives

PRIME uses volunteer tutors to provide all its training and consultancy. Volunteers are expected to pay their own travel and accommodation costs where necessary and take part in trips during their own free time or holidays.

PRIME services are provided at no cost. Delegates may sometimes pay a small fee to the local partners to cover the venue and food costs during a conference. In this way the charity offers excellent value for money - a donation to PRIME goes a very long way.

All PRIME projects are designed from the outset to be, or to become in time, self-sustainable. Wherever possible we encourage our local partners to provide some of the training.

In many cases PRIME is specifically involved in teaching teachers so that the highest quality medical education can be delivered long after the PRIME team has returned home.

PRIME is not a proselytising organisation.

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