Partnerships in International Medical Education

The PRIME Network

Network imageWith the extraordinary network of relationships we have built with universities and training programmes, medical and nursing associations, mission agencies and other international bodies, it is possible for PRIME to play a significant world-wide role in restoring the heart of medicine.

There are many people in most, if not every country of the world who share PRIME's vision. We believe now is the time to bring them together into a worldwide network.

The PRIME Network is open to Christians and others in sympathy with the teachings and example of Jesus, in all countries of the world, who are involved in any aspect of healthcare training and who are themselves committed to practising and teaching evidence-based care that includes the psycho-spiritual relational dimension that leads to compassionate and altruistic care.

There are two levels of membership of the PRIME Network:

Join the PRIME Network and help fulfill the vision of a world where excellent compassionate whole person healthcare is available to all.

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