Partnerships in International Medical Education

PRIME Privacy Policy

PRIME Partnerships in International Medical Education is a UK-based charity. We are an international network of professional healthcare educators, committed to integrating rigorous science and compassionate care for the whole person.

Your privacy is very important to us and so we're committed to protecting it.

We aim to be as clear as possible about how and why we use the personal data you give us, but we do recognise that many of us only want the headline information. If our Privacy Policy doesn't fully answer your questions then please contact us.

The data we collect: PRIME only captures and stores your personal data when you have given us your permission to do so. Some of this information might be given as you communicate directly with us. For example, you might fill in one of our online forms, ring our operations team or even come and speak to us at an event.

Every time you visit our website we will collect non-personal data, such as IP addresses (the location of your computer on the internet), pages accessed, and files downloaded. This information enables us to continue improving your experience of our website. No personal data is captured on our website without your permission.

PRIME does not receive or hold any credit card details used for donations/payments. All credit card payments, on this website, are handled by our agents; PayPal. 

We may very occasionally collect your data from third parties such as SurveyMonkey when you have chosen to engage with PRIME and have given us permission to use this information. You may wish to check their privacy policy to find out more information on how they will use your data.

We will only collect your data if: 

What we do with your data:

How we handle your data:

We have chosen these software providers as they are industry leaders and have all signed up to the EU US Privacy Shield 


The length of time we store your data will depend on the context you provided that data to us, for example in order to meet our legal and accounting requirements we will store records of any financial transactions for a minimum of six years, or for Gift Aid-related donations for a minimum of 12 years.

We will continue to review the way we store and use your data ensuring that we do not hold onto data for longer than necessary. 

Who we pass your data onto:

We do not pass any or your personal data on to other organisations or individuals for marketing purposes. With your permission we may pass on your details to one of our partner organisations, for example if you ask us to join a PRIME programme. In the case of financial transactions, we may need to pass your data on to our accountants and external examiners, or HMRC to reclaim Gift Aid.

You have the right to:

Limit how we use your personal data

In certain circumstances you have the right to restrict how we use your personal data, for example:

Object to how we use your personal data

You have the right to object to how we use your personal data. Specifically, you have the right to object to:

If you have any concerns or questions regarding anything you have read in our Privacy Policy or any other matter pertaining to your privacy or data security please contact us.