Partnerships in International Medical Education

What does PRIME do?

A conference in Romania - standing room onlyPRIME is committed to improving the quality and depth of medical care, especially of patients in poorer situations. We do this in partnership with local healthcare providers and groups giving teaching that equips and empowers them to deliver excellent clinical care for the whole person.

Envision - PRIME motivates and resources healthcare providers to provide the best medical care in some of the most resource-poor countries in the world

Encourage - PRIME seeks to build the vision and practice of Christ-centred whole person healthcare, through supportive relationships, founded on listening and sharing

Educate - PRIME seeks to provide the very highest quality medical education and teaching resources that restore a compassionate whole person perspective to modern medicine.

Engage - PRIME only provides training at the invitation of an appropriate local partner. Teaching programmes are developed to reflect the needs identified by these local partners

Embed - PRIME seeks to work closely with, and provide resources for, medical and nursing organisations, universities and departments of health such that, over time, healthcare provision may be changed to reflect care of the whole person: body, mind and spirit

Equip - PRIME works in partnership with health education groups and individuals to help them develop first class practical and clinical education skills

Empower - PRIME assists our partners on the ground to develop sustainable, culturally-adapted education programmes appropriate to their situation

Envision, Encourage, Educate, Engage, Embed, Equip, Empower