Partnerships in International Medical Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions most frequently asked about PRIME are answered below. Click on the blue links to find out more.

Who is PRIME?

Why does PRIME exist?

What does PRIME do?

Where does PRIME work?

We have run courses in over 45 countries in response to invitations from local, national and international organisations who then act as in-country partners with PRIME. We have Memoranda of Understanding with several medical schools, universities and other organisations around the world.

What is PRIME's overall goal?

PRIME is committed to integrating rigorous science and compassionate care for the whole person.

We encourage, resource and support healthcare professionals to practise and teach sound scientific knowledge and clinical skills, to consider the effects of illness on the whole person - body, mind and spirit - and to provide care with integrity and generous compassion.

Is PRIME a Christian Organisation?

PRIME is a non-denominational Christian organisation. All core personnel and PRIME tutors are Christian volunteers and our faith informs the values which underpin our work. However, all PRIME training is designed to be acceptable to individuals of all faiths or of none. PRIME is not a proselytising organisation.

What makes PRIME distinctive?

PRIME's main emphasis is on training and resourcing local healthcare educators and raising up local champions in order to advance the practice of compassionate whole person medicine. PRIME has developed strong relationships with other complementary programme providers and is therefore able to act as a bridging organisation uniting, and working with, others in the community.

Are there any PRIME courses in the near future?

Many of the PRIME courses are by invitation of the local organising partner and as such are not advertised on this website. To find out more about any open access courses in your country please contact us. PRIME also runs regular introductory and training events in the UK and overseas that are open to any interested parties. These courses are advertised on our events page. For general enquiries or to find out more about a specific course, please contact us.

How can I get involved?

If you are a healthcare educator, have a passion and ability to get involved in PRIME teaching please think about coming to our Global conference or contact us about becoming a PRIME tutor. If you have little or no education experience, or are a junior or a student, you might like to consider joining the PRIME Network or come on a PRIME trip as an observer. Find out more about joining a PRIME team.

If you are not a healthcare professional but would like to receive regular updates about our activities please consider joining our wide variety of friends and supporters. Find out more about being a supporter.

To join one of these groups or to request further information about becoming involved with PRIME please contact us.

How is PRIME governed?

PRIME is governed by a Board of Trustees who oversee all our activities and ensure that we keep in line with our visionThe day-to-day operation of PRIME is delegated to a number of teams that each have certain responsibilities.

PRIME Internal Organogram 2023

More details on our core personnel can be found on our personnel page.

PRIME is a registered charity in the UK, registration number 1111521, and as such is subject to charity legislation as laid our by the Charity Commission. We are also registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee, registration number 5492101, and are therefore also subject to company legislation as laid out by Companies House.

How is PRIME funded?

PRIME is almost entirely funded from donations and grants from like-minded individuals, organisations and groups. We do occasionally undertake a project which has funding associated with it, but this is not the usual situation.

Unlike regular Non Government Organisations (NGOs) we do not pay tutors expenses or per diem payments. This means that PRIME is an extremely cost-effective organisation.

Read our most recent annual report for more information.

How does PRIME spend donations?

PRIME teaching teams are all volunteers and the vast majority of our teachers pay their own travel, accommodation and locum expenses. This means a donation to PRIME goes a very long way indeed.

Find out more about by reading our annual report.

How can I make a donation to PRIME?

PRIME is able to take a donation online or you can download our donation forms from our financial support pages. We encourage all UK taxpayers to Gift Aid their donation, therefore giving PRIME an additional 25p in every pound donated.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a UK government programme that enables charities to claim back the tax the donor has already paid on that donation and at no cost to the donor. Gift Aid is only available on donations made by UK taxpayers and PRIME must hold a Gift Aid Mandate for all individuals on whose donations we claim Gift Aid. The Gift Aid scheme provides an important additional income source for PRIME and we encourage all donors to Gift Aid their donations where possible.