Partnerships in International Medical Education

PRIME Teaching Programmes

A full conference room in RomaniaPRIME offers one-off courses and conferences, as well as input into longer-term programmes and education resources.

PRIME Core Teaching 

PRIME’s core teaching programmes are now available for online or in-person delivery. Requests can be made on behalf of a group of people for either one-off sessions or a short series. 

We are always keen to recruit new tutors to help deliver these programmes in different contexts, both online and face-to-face. If you are interested in joining a teaching team please visit our 'Join a PRIME Team' page.

Mental Health

Our free online Mental Health programme consists of four sessions:

Palliative Care

Our Palliative Care programme consists of seven session. They are designed to work together as a short programme or can be made available as stand alone session. 

Values Added

Our well-established Values Added programme is designed for Christian healthcare professionals and provides a comprehensive package of PRIME teaching to support Christian values-based professional development. It includes:

Whole Person Care

A series of sessions introducing PRIME and our principles, including:

We are open to requests to deliver programmes via online or face-to-face teaching.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

All PRIME teaching, online and face-to-face are based on the PRIME principles of whole person care and interactive education. They will always include small group discussions and often involve role play participation by attendees. In order to foster relationships and to role model our core values these sessions are recommended to be undertaken live using video conferencing, though they may be recorded to allow those who are unable to attend or wish to watch again the opportunity of accessing them later.

Our volunteer tutors develop teaching resources and modules tailored to specific need.

Feedback from PRIME courses