Partnerships in International Medical Education

Values Added Online

This programme is designed for more recently qualified or less experienced healthcare workers and provides a comprehensive package of PRIME teaching to support Christian values-based professional development. Although the whole programme is 35 sessions, a reduced session version of 12 sessions, adapted for an African setting, has been produced. This could easily be adapted for other cultural settings. Individual session or shorter programmes would also be possible. It consists of: 

1.     Values in practice – being a good health care professional

2.     Kingdom values

3.     Compassion - being a compassionate health care professional

4.     Integrity

5.     Professionalism and an introduction to ethics

6.     What does the patient think?

7.     Whole person healthcare

8.     Forgiving fallibility – how do you cope when you make a mistake

9.     Leadership

10.  Spiritual care in the consultation

11.  Evidence based healthcare

12.  Surviving as a health care professional


As with all PRIME teaching there are times for discussion in small groups, as well as opportunities for large group feedback; there is also one short role play in one of the sessions. If teaching online then how to do those elements will need some thought when internet connections are less than ideal. Interactivity is vital. The programme does not work as a webinar.

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