Health and Wholeness for All People

Prime team preparing for a sessionJoin a PRIME team

With the success of courses and programmes our teaching is in increasing demand so we need more committed tutors to join our teaching teams.

It is a great privilege to meet enthusiastic and committed healthcare professionals and other colleagues overseas in different cultures who have a vision for improving health care in their country. Often they are trying to do this in the face of very limited resources, indifference or even hostility. The presence and input of a team of PRIME tutors is usually a great encouragement to them. Ideally on going supportive relationships develop with our partners, with the ultimate aim of enabling our colleagues to teach Whole Person Medicine independently using PRIME’s teaching methods and materials.

"Introducing new ideas and learning methods to under-resourced colleagues, modelling learner-centred approaches to teaching and seeing eyes light up with enthusiasm is very exciting. Facilitating the development of doctors and others serving the poor in isolated rural situations, and so hopefully improving health care for people in the real, ‘developing,’ world, is very rewarding." PRIME tutor

We recommend that anyone looking to get involved in our work becomes a member of the PRIME Network first in order to gain a clear understanding of what we do. Find out more >

Before applying to become a registered tutor we ask that you attend one of our conferences to see and experience PRIME in action. We run a variety of conferences during the year which provide the opportunity for training and further development. Find out more >

Once you have found out more about PRIME from the Network or attending a conference  you might wish to apply to become a PRIME Tutor. Find out more >