Health and Wholeness for All People

Becoming a PRIME Tutor

  1. Firstly we recommend that anyone looking to join become a PRIME Tutor joins the PRIME Network in order to gain a clear understanding of what we do. 
  2. Before applying to become a registered tutor we ask that you attend one of our conferences to see and experience PRIME in action. We run a variety of conferences during the year which provide the opportunity for training and further development.
  3. If you then wish to apply to become a PRIME tutor please contact us and request a Potential Tutor Application Pack, which fully explains the process. As part of your application we will require two references; one from a professional colleague relating to your skills and teaching experience and a second one from your faith community. 

If you meet the tutor criteria and your application to become a Potential Tutor is successful then you will able to join a team and undertake teaching observed by the Team Leader. Upon successful completion of this you will be able to graduate as a PRIME Tutor. 

How to find out about teaching opportunities once you are a registered tutor?

Registered tutors receive Tutor Opportunities Bulletins, which give details of forthcoming programmes. Since many trips are repeat visits in which personal relationships are key, vacancies on these can be limited. 

We have a relatively small administrative team so please let do us know if you have any professional contacts, particular interests or a calling, or you spot something you think you could be part of in our newsletters or prayer calendar.

There are also a number other opportunities to take an active role in PRIME without the need to travel. Find out more about these opportunities >