Partnerships in International Medical Education

Parallel Workshop Streams

As part of this year’s conference you will be able to pick from one of our parallel workshops. These are designed to suit every individual, whether they are just exploring PRIME or looking for new ways to engage in our programmes. This year’s choices are:

New to PRIME

A series of workshops designed for those new to PRIME or exploring how to become involved in our work. Sessions 2 and 3 are particularly designed for those newer to PRIME who are, or may be ,interested in becoming tutors. It is important that those who attend commit to both sessions as one will flow directly into the next. Sessions include:

Why interactive teaching?
PRIME promotes interactive teaching, and we have been asked ‘Why? The workshop will explore the reasons, starting with the lived experience and views of participants. We will also review the evidence of others. When does interactive teaching work, and what problems can arise?  We hope to produce a related piece of work for the PRIME website.

What is PRIME and the journey to becoming a Tutor
Here we will briefly share a little of PRIME’s history, vision and purpose and how our activities have developed over the years.  There will also be an explanation of the journey to becoming a tutor with time for Q&A. Following this we will discuss the sort of programmes PRIME develops and then give individuals the opportunity of forming small “virtual” teaching teams in order to explore a teaching scenario and plan an interactive session which includes an element of Whole Person Care.

Creating a PRIME Whole Person Care programme
Most of the time will be spent in your teams discussing and developing your teaching plan. Each group will be asked to fully prepare a brief (10min) teaching presentation from your plan that we hope will be delivered to the whole conference the same evening after dinner.

Develop your skills

A series of workshops designed for those with some experience of being a PRIME Tutor and those looking to expand their skills. Sessions include:

The importance of Bioethics
Overview of virtue ethics
Its contribution for a more humane healthcare
Discussion of clinical cases that raise ethical concerns

Leadership Masterclass: How to lead in partnering with in-country Tutors and grow a team with a strategy

Teaching critical clinical thinking to those taught didactically.
How health care professionals were trained affects the decisions they make regarding patient care. Do they emulate what they were taught previously or do they combine clinical judgement and patients’ values with relevant up to date scientific evidence in making those decisions? This workshop will briefly explore ways to promote critical thinking through teaching evidence-based practice and research skills. 

Broaden your Vision

A recent addition to the work of PRIME is expanding our Whole Person Care teaching into church settings. This series of workshops will explore the fundamentals to this work and how to develop whole person care partnerships with local churches. Sessions include:

Building partnerships outside healthcare
What makes a good partnership?
Theology of partnership
Examples from around the world
Take home : What would this look like in my context?

Developing a curriculum for church-based Whole Person Care teaching
Small group work to consider and design a curriculum
Share examples of what has been done already
Discuss teaching techniques that work and how they need to be adapted in a church context

Next steps for PRIME partnerships with churches
How can PRIME take these partnerships forward in different contexts?
Pitfall & barriers
Overcoming barriers – what would need to change?
Sharing stories of hope