Partnerships in International Medical Education

Standing room onlyThe PRIME Support Fund

Almost all PRIME training is offered at no cost to the individual. However, many delegates will travel for days by public transport, at the cost of many days salary, through dangerous areas and across many borders, in order to sleep on a floor just to get some up to date medical education. When you consider that healthcare professionals in less developed parts of the world are paid significantly less than their developed world colleagues this commitment to continuing medical education becomes even more creditable.

PRIME offers bursaries to help those with genuine needs to attend our courses. These bursaries are totally reliant on gifts and donations from supporters in more affluent countries. So far we have been able to financially support colleagues from over 25 countries.

Donations to the Support Fund can be made at any time. From time to time PRIME may make special appeals to increase these much needed funds. If you would like to be informed of these appeals please let us know.

Where there are funds available, applications for PRIME Bursaries are considered in light of our Bursary Criteria.

If you would like to find out more about how to our Support Fund please contact us for further information.

Please note: PRIME is only able to offer bursaries to individuals known to the charity or our partners overseas, and then only when we have sufficient funds available.