Partnerships in International Medical Education

Moving Forward

Children in AfricaA vision for collaborative working across a network of worldwide partnerships.

In order to consolidate and expand our work we are developing teams of professional colleagues of equal status in various countries working together to encourage and empower change for better medical education and better healthcare in their particular country, region or speciality. In doing so we hope to draw out the vision, expertise and energy that pre-exists in the hearts of our colleagues around the world. Teams will help develop and deliver culturally-adapted programmes tailor-made for their situation.

PRIME’s future depends on discovering, legitimising and resourcing this latent energy and drive in the individual's own area of interest. A significant new area of work will be seeking to envision, encourage and resource this community, to become creative and independent, while remaining interdependent with other international groups.

We believe this is possible, and is already underway: We already have teams of individuals receiving teacher-training in India, Ethiopia and Nigeria who will join the volunteer tutors from around the world already associated with PRIME.

To improve our support for tutors and like-minded colleagues world-wide we have established the ‘PRIME Network’, a global community of healthcare professionals offering mutual encouragement and access to PRIME’s resources - evidence-based teaching materials with practical guidance for their use.  The PRIME model of networking experienced medical teachers from developed countries with those in developing countries has proved successful in promoting sustained, positive changes in poorly resourced situations.

We believe that collaborative partnerships and cascaded teaching are fundamental to our work.