Partnerships in International Medical Education

North and South America

USA: PRIME has contributed to the annual CMDA national conference, an international conference for healthcare workers involved in international mission work and various well-regarded residency programmes, as well as meeting with several key individuals and organisations. The first American tutor training programme took place in 2014 in conjunction with the Global Missions Health Conference. An American colleague's PhD thesis on the PRIME whole person medicine programme and what makes it “attractive, accepted, valued, and taught by healthcare professionals from both genders and a variety of locations, cultures, and faith groups”.

Brazil: Our first PRIME training programme in Brazil took place in 2017 in during the 2nd Portuguese-speaking ICMDA conference and was led by tutors from Portugal and Mozambique. The teaching was extremely well received and some delegates and potential tutors expressed their interest in receiving more training, preferably in events delivered in Portuguese.

Chile: An NCFI conference in Santiago proved a very useful opportunity to work with a doctor from Peru who translated the PRIME seminars into Spanish and encouraged Spanish speakers to attend.

Peru: Two PRIME tutors ran a four-day programme in Peru in October  2016 with the Association of Christian Health Professionals as a launch event for PRIME in South America. This led to them forming a PRIME Peru group with plans to pass on the teaching to colleagues. They were given Spanish translations of all the material in the two courses to help spread the PRIME vision locally and more widely across S America, with support and prayer from the UK and Portuguese branches of PRIME.