Partnerships in International Medical Education


A kitchen in India

Bangladesh: A PRIME nurse tutor is involved in setting up a community midwifery school in the country.

Cambodia: A new potential partner in Battambang has contacted PRIME requesting help with the teaching of doctors. A PRIME tutor will shortly be visiting the country with a different organisation but he would be pleased to make contact with any PRIME tutors with an interest or calling to Cambodia to explore the possibility of running a PRIME programme there.

China: PRIME Australia is a key part of the newly established Sydney Hainan General Practice Support Network linking colleagues from Sydney, Australia and Hainan Province, China. This high-level network links educators, general practitioners and primary care practitioners in the two countries. As part of the programme six Chinese GP colleagues from major Hainan hospitals visited Australia in May to attend an international medical education PRIME workshop.

Central Asia: Two key individuals were able to attend the PRIME Australia Annual Conference recently. A PRIME team will visit in late 2016 to meet with the small CMF group, run a one-day conference in conjunction with NCFI, provide training to an existing School of Nursing, two-days of midwifery training, some CPN/Psychiatry work and some undergraduate teaching at a leading medical school. A small team are involved in expanding our programmes and courses in the area, and helping establish a Nursing and Midwifery Department at a university there. PRIME teams have delivered primary care training, palliative care development and medical student training with possibilities for community health training and other collaboration being explored.

PRIME tutors are involved in family medicine training programmes in mental health issues for around 250 GPs, various teaching opportunities based on The Good Teacher principles and teaching teachers and family doctors more about the care of traumatised and deprived children who need special psychological support.


Middle East: PRIME is supporting and exploring various programmes in the region, including midwifery, nursing, family medicine, ophthalmology, surgery and whole person care.


South East Asia: Following on from the HCFI Asia Pacific Conference we are actively exploring developing a group of PRIME tutors in this region and PRIME teaching materials have been shared with individual healthcare educators in various countries across the region.

Singapore: A three-day training the trainers programme was held for healthcare educators at the National University Hospital and in association with the national HCF (Healthcare Christian Fellowship) and tutors from PRIME Australia. The programme was designed to introduce whole person medicine and to enable delegates to teach the principles within their healthcare education activities, as well as their own practice. PRIME has also taught at Singapore's National University Hospital.