Health and Wholeness for All People


PRIME has provided training for medical students and family medicine doctors on topics as varied as the nature of family medicine, caring for dying patients and their families, the use of role-play in learning and the facilitation of self-directed continuing professional development meetings.

A PRIME-led course entitled “Behaviour is the Child’s loudest voice” has now taken place five times. In later courses we were pleased to be joined in teaching by two local specialists, one who had made some videos of children with autism and used them to illustrate her session, and another who integrated some patient stories in a session about childhood abuse and the counterpoint of hope. The course continues to be extremely well received and the participants give warm feedback on the content and the style and communicated a feeling of increased confidence and courage to work in different ways after the course. Our partner in Lithuania remains committed to the ethos of the work of PRIME.

There are possibilities of future work for PRIME in Lithuania and we look forward to exploring these.