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Since 2020 PRIME tutors in Australia, Indonesia, Africa, and the UK have offered online palliative care teaching.  They have presented to students, healthcare professionals and medical educators in Indonesia, India, West Africa, and the UK. Possible topics for an international PRIME seven session palliative course are listed below. However single sessions could also be made available.

1.     What is Palliative Care?

2.     Communication & Truth Telling

3.     Pain and Whole Person Care

4.     Safe Use of Morphine

5.     Basic Symptom Control

6.     Identifying Dying

7.     Loss and Bereavement


The programme will discuss the role of compassion and empathy in palliative care, explore the assessment and management of pain and consider spiritual suffering and meaning. It will use interactive techniques throughout. For example, while breaking bad news by telephone is not ideal, it is sometimes necessary. We have found that using ZOOM with all the videos off is an effective way of demonstrating and practicing the necessary skills.

Enquire online about booking this programme for a team or group of healthcare professionals.