Partnerships in International Medical Education

PRIME Profile - Jorge Cruz

MA, MD, PhDJorge Cruz

Jorge is a member of the International Strategy Group for PRIME International and a senior PRIME tutor. He has led teaching programmes in Portugal, Belgium, Mozambique, Brazil, and Peru.

Jorge is a vascular surgeon. He works in a Hospital in Porto and is a researcher at the Lusofona University in Lisbon.

He was General Secretary and Council Member of the European Association of Vascular Surgeons in Training (EAVST) from 2000-2003 and Chairman of the Board of the Portuguese Association of Christian Healthcare Professionals, 1997-2012. He is on the Board of the Portuguese-speaking committee of the International Christian Medical & Dental Association (ICMDA).

Jorge has published extensively on vascular and bioethics topics. He is the author of three books and 36 scientific papers, and is a referee for several medical journals.

He is collaborating with the Maputo Medical School and the Mozambican Medical Association in developing bioethics in Mozambique.