Health and Wholeness for All People


Delegates at an Albanian conferencePRIME was recruited by the USAID programme 'Training Family Doctors' to produce the curriculum and provide teaching input for a pilot study on retraining GPs in Albania which went on to form the basis for the nationwide extension of the training scheme.

PRIME tutors continue to support two children's projects, a street-children's project and a girls' safe house. Training has included child development, mental health problems and the effects of chronic trauma. PRIME tutors continue to support the two projects via email and Skype and plan to return to offer further teaching and advice. Further teaching has also been offered to long term PRIME partner, Elbasan Psychiatric Hospital.

A separate team has been undertaking further palliative care training in rural areas as well as the main cities and there is also growing interest in establishing a course for the European Certificate of Palliative Care in Kosovo and Albania. 

PRIME tutors continue to work with long-term partners ABC Clinic in Tirana and supporting their new medical education lead.

PRIME had a lead role in providing multi-disciplinary palliative care training which was barely known in Albania at the time. 

“This is what my country needs, a marriage of the spiritual and the clinical.” Lead family medicine teacher.