Health and Wholeness for All People


A PRIME team in RomaniaAs a result of PRIME's longstanding involvement in Romania we have developed teaching links with many of the medical schools. As well as teaching medical students and GPs we are now working with several medical schools and teaching the teachers. 

PRIME has delivered a wide variety of programmes including primary care, whole person care, palliative care development, student and faculty training at medical schools and PRIME conferences.  With just one of the courses attracting 650 doctors, nurses and students. Locally trained faculty in Cluj delivered their first two PRIME training programmes with support and advice from one of our Romania Lead Tutors. A PRIME teacher’s support group has also been established. PRIME continues to have strong links with local partners in Arad and Timisoara and we hope that PRIME will again become active in these regions, possibly with an expansion into nurse education.

Huge numbers of individuals are being trained in Eastern Europe to be doctors and nurses because of the 70% attrition rate to the western world.

"I was thinking before that when I finish my study I'll want to go abroad to work, because there I thought people will appreciate better my work. I have learned something tonight - I want and need to help my country, and I hope that my idealism will not go away and I'll always find people like you to keep it alive."
Romanian medical student

Sunteti extraordinari. Multumim mult!”  - You are great. Many thanks! 
Romanian doctor