Health and Wholeness for All People


A poster in Russia

During 2016 a team from the UK helped lead a summer camp for doctors, medical students and others, leading sessions including whole person medicine and a practical seminar on advanced life support, basic surgical skills. A PRIME team also led a conference for the senior MCAR leaders and contributed again to the training the trainers programme at two leading medical schools.

PRIME tutors will also be supporting a family medicine conference and visiting various medical schools where they will be providing whole person care and family medicine training. 

A PRIME team worked in partnership with Russian colleagues to develop a curriculum on spiritual care for family doctors.

For a number of years we contributed to 'Zemski Vratch' (The County Doctor) , starting with English general practice and developing the theme of whole person medicine. Writing for Zemski Vratch seems to be held up due to problems financing the publishing of the journal.

Courses teaching the GP trainers have been well received in several locations in Russia and one in Kazakstan as part of an international conference. PRIME teams have also taught primary care development, medical school/student work, faculty development, relationship skills, communicating with patients and motivating change.

We are developing plans for a three-year programme to support the development and outreach of regional Christian medical groups, train trainers and develop a group of Russian tutors to take further the message of whole person, compassionate care.

One of our partners is hoping to translate our Whole Person Medicine manual in to Russian.