Health and Wholeness for All People

Feedback from PRIME courses

A conference in Romania - standing room only"Today I became a Doctor." North African family doctor

"For the first time I listened to my patients." Russian gynaecologist

"The manner in which the problems were exposed reminded us - we treat human beings, not diseases." Romanian medical student

" I found the course so helpful. Every time I see a patient since, it runs through my head how I should treat him or her. Every dentist in the UK should attend one of these courses." UK dental surgeon

"This really made a difference in my way of study and my future practice. It's made the change in my thinking. Thank you." Armenian delegate

"I have never thought of training trainers the way we learnt at this workshop." Indian healthcare educator

"Sunteti extraordinarl. Multumim mult!" (You are great. Thanks a lot!) Romanian doctor

"This type of workshop was very effective for ward sisters, supervisors and staff." Indian delegate

"I put some of these ideas into practice and I really enjoyed my clinic today." Russian doctor

"I was thinking before that when I'll finish my study I'll want to go abroad to work, because there I thought people will appreciate better my work. I have learned something tonight - I want and need to help my country, and I hope that my idealism will not go away and I'll always find people like you to keep it alive." Romanian medical student

"This is what my country needs - a marriage of the spiritual and the clinical." Albanian healthcare educator

"This course tonight was about things very important in our everyday practice and sad that they were completely ignored during our training at the medical university." Romanian medical student

"I am astonished by the course that I attended. It helped me understand a lot of things about the relationship between a doctor and a patient, made me realise how important it is for the whole treatment." Bulgarian medical student