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The Good Teacher

The Good Teacher'The Good Teacher - a values-based approach' is a new publication from PRIME and is our manual for PRIME teachers and others seeking to incorporate values in their teaching.

This manual is about doing the business.

Built on the materials and experience of PRIME teachers over the last 10 years it collects together a series of workshops and exercises aimed to develop a good and effective teacher-student relationship. But the concept of ‘a good teacher’ extends far further and far deeper than mere technical excellence. The manual sets out a means of infusing values such as compassion, respect and faithfulness into basic educational methods. 

The Good Teacher is not a textbook or in any sense an academic exposition of educational theory or methodology.  Rather, the manual concentrates on the business of enabling learning through values-led processes so that teachers, students and institutions can become transformed and renewed.

Ten major sections cover values-based teaching; the values-based professional educator; engaging the student in large groups; emotional intelligence; learner-centred teaching; motivating students; problem-based learning; teaching with patients; teaching in small groups; feedback on clinical skills.

Ten further sections cover basic teaching methods. The manual is illustrated by over 300 PowerPoint thumbnails and is accompanied by DVDs of editable PowerPoint and all public domain references as full text PDFs as well as the entire manual in PDF form.  An accompanying DVD produced by the University of Brighton and Sussex illustrates issues on feedback on students’ clinical performance.

“The manual is intended for teachers of healthcare sciences, and the teachers of teachers but will be of value to teachers of just about anything.”

Authors: David Chaput de Saintonge & Rosalind Simpson
Published by PRIME 2013
Spiral-bound 243 pages A4 size
Includes two DVDs with adaptable PowerPoints and workshop outlines

£40 plus postage and packing. To order please contact the office.
Reduced prices are available for those from lower income countries and PRIME tutors.

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