Partnerships in International Medical Education

Whole Person Medicine a Tutor’s Manual

Whole person medicine tutors manualA logical, clear, and intensely practical manual for PRIME tutors focusing on whole person medicine and how to teach it. The manual contains an explanation of whole person care, an overview of how to run a PRIME course and six basic sessions that might make up a typical course in whole person medicine:

In addition there are 10 sections reviewing several basic teaching methods that we have
found to be helpful in PRIME’s work in the UK and abroad:

Supporting PowerPoints have been embedded in the text to make it easier to browse the course as a whole and are available on the attached CD. The manual is intended as a resource for PRIME tutor's and others who have already attended a PRIME conference on whole person care.

“I am so impressed with the quality and depth of teaching. I believe you have provided
an extremely effective tool for changing the mindset from dualistic to wholistic and for
helping doctors to incorporate biophysical into relational medicine. This is such an
important task and so well done... the "Managing the Course" material was
outstanding... the slides are just phenomenal...” 
Dr Glenn Strauss, whilst Senior Vice President of International Health Care, Mercy Ships.

Author: David Chaput de Saintonge
Published by PRIME 2009
Spiral bound 161 pages A4 size
Includes a DVD with adaptable PowerPoints and workshop outlines

£30 plus postage and packing. To order please contact the office.
Reduced prices are available for those from low or middle income countries and PRIME tutors.