Health and Wholeness for All People

Live Online Training

PRIME has been developing a variety of online programmes over the last year. We are delighted to announce that we can now offer many of these to you, our network members, across the globe. All are based on the PRIME principles of patient-centred healthcare and interactive education. All will include small group discussions and often involve role play participation by attendees. These programmes are intended not just for network members but also for your healthcare friends and colleagues who may be interested to experience some of PRIME’s teaching.

Some, including our basic Whole Person Care modules, will be available regularly. For other programmes, you can make a request on behalf of a group of people that you represent or bring together a group of colleagues. This could be for a one-off session or a short series. You can do this using our online enquiry form. In order to foster relationships and to role model Jesus these sessions are recommended to be undertaken live using video conferencing, though they may be recorded to allow those who are unable to attend or wish to watch again the opportunity of accessing them later.

Current Training Programmes