Partnerships in International Medical Education

Keynote sessions at our Global Conference 2024 

Beyond the Stethoscope: The Struggle for Kindness in Modern Healthcare 
Friday 26th at 9.15amGlobal Conference flyer image

Session outline to follow

A rainbow metaphor for teaching the Biblical perspective on whole person healthcare
Saturday 27th at 8.45am

Ross BrysonHow much has our understanding about healthcare been influenced by the western world view of separation between body, mind and spirit?
How does the Bible describe the way human beings are structured?
How important is it to recognise the needs which human beings have, in order to bring health the whole person?

This session will rely on everyone’s participation as we explore scientific and Biblical views on personhood and how the rainbow can be used as a metaphor to teach whole person healthcare.

Develop your skills: The importance of Bioethics

Saturday 27th at 5.45pmGlobal Conference flyer image

What is Bioethics and why it matters?
How to make ethical decisions in healthcare? 
What is the role of the character of the healthcare professional in clinical practice?
How to make medicine and healthcare more humane?
Is compassion a lost pearl in healthcare?

Other contributors

Andy Charley ~ Patrina Caldwell ~ Lesley Dawson ~ Trevor Dean ~ Emma Hayward ~ Gill Horne
Martin Leiper ~ Femi Olowookere ~ Rob Sadler ~ Kizito Shisanya ~ Rebecca Torry ~ Andrew Wilson

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